Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Celebrating the Good

Right now is a very trying time for me and my family. Far too many relatives are holed up in hospitals scattered across the country, and it's very very difficult not to dwell on this. Thus, I'll say no more about it here, at least not in this particular blog entry.

Instead, I'll celebrate the things which are good.

  • My bridal shower is in 10 days!
  • I've been stalking our registries like mad, and the first gift bought was an espresso machine! This makes the li'l barista that I am very, very happy.
  • I've scheduled my hair trial! I'm looking forward to it like crazy. I might actually have a party to go to after my hair trial. Excellent.
  • I received our table cloths today. I got a good deal on them off of ebay, and I think I'll be able to recoup the whole cost on craigslist afterward.
  • Our rings arrived shortly before we left for vacation! We looove them. I want to wear mine noooooooow.
  • The wedding is in just 37 days! I'm getting married in 37 days! I'm marrying the man I love more than anyone ever anywhere at anytime ever ever ever in 37 days! Holy crap, 37 days!!!
  • Our honeymoon starts in 39 days! Woohoo, Cabo here we come!
  • I got a raise at work this week!
  • I'm pretty positive we're all set for candles and candle holders for the reception. I bought a bunch of tea-lights at Ikea last week for hella-cheap.
  • My puppies are being ridiiiculously sweet and adorable lately. Oh yeah. I guess I never mentioned on here that we got another dog several months back! He's a fawn great dane and he's such a li'l lover. His name is Gus (short for Augustus). He's very nearly 5 months old now, and maybeeee 50 lbs? Trajan (our blue great dane) turned 1 at the end of July! He's probably about 150 lbs.
  • Our kitty, Calypso, has also been super affectionate since we got back in town. I guess she missed us!
  • My momma and I have made a lot of progress on wedding crafts the last few days. I finished the bunting a few nights ago. My mom's completed about half of the table squares, and plans to do the rest this week. My mom's friend (who is a sweetheart) is going to prepare the decor we'll use to disguise the ugly guardrails around the trees at our venue.
  • The top shelf of my pantry makes me smile everytime I open the door. It's basically a wall of my marked out coffee beans (we get a free pound of beans every week at Starbucks), which will be used for decor at the wedding.
  • We can go get our marriage license in precisely one week! Whoa. It is getting so incredibly real.

That's my Pollyanna "Glad Game" routine for the day.

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Allie said...

oh my gosh, the texas marriage license is so much cooler than any states. It is so big and old school! I love mine!!