Monday, September 28, 2009

Update of a Random Sort

Weather update: Still predicting rain, though now it says "Colder with rain", whatever that means, despite the fact that the high is still 68 and the low has moved up to 53. Boohisssss rain. Get off my forecast!

At this point, we only have about 12 unreported RSVPs. We're currently sitting at about our ideal number even if everyone who hasn't responded ends up coming. We have, however, had about 50 "no" responses. We absolutely understand in the vast majority of these cases, but it is a little bit sad nonetheless. There's a part of me that would love to extend invitations to more of my coworkers (I'm close now with so many people that weren't even employed there yet when we made our guest list!) or more of our childhood friends. I know our parents have lists of friends they wish could've been invited. C'est la guerre. I think sending out more invitations (particularly uh.. 12 days before the wedding) would only cause way more problems than it would solve.

Like I said, we're sitting right around our ideal number, from a budgetary and logistical standpoint. From a purely cold and rational sense, I'm very happy with our expected turnout.

But sooo many of the "no" responses come from my family, which, considering the percentage of the guest list they make up (not to mention how many of them live out-of-state), that makes sense. Also, my family has been hammered with hardships left and right lately, as previously mentioned. I'm overjoyed that so many family members are still able to join us for the wedding, but I'd be lying if I said it's not a little disheartening to look down my spreadsheet and see so many "no" ticks next to my family members' names. I guess I've always pictured the wedding doubling as a kind of family reunion. Ah well. About a quarter of the guest list will still be my family!

In other unrelated news, here's a mockup of our centerpieces:

Yay, simplicity. Amazingly wonderful-smelling simplicity. My momma hemmed the green table square you see there, along with the rest of 'em for all the other tables. Thanks mom!

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