Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Weather Stalking Commences

We're 13 days out from the wedding now! 13 is my favorite number, so that strikes me as significant somehow. Woooooooooo! Today, Opie and I were gushing over the fact that we get to call each other "wife" and "husband" soon. I started listing off potential points of conversation where I could drop in the phrase, "my husband." Ee hee hee. Makes me giddy like no other. Calling him "my fiance" is already super-fancy and awesome, particularly when guys are hitting on me at work. "My husband" is approximately 550% even cooler. Fyi.

In other news, we're now within the timeframe that "Accuweather" predicts the weather. Of course, I don't put any stock in the accuracy of a 15 day weather prediction, but I can't help but stalk it anyway. Today, they're predicting rain, a high of 68 and a low of 51 on our wedding day. Nevermind that yesterday, it said "afternoon showers" with a high in the 70s and a similar low. But yes.. I'm definitely hoping for more sun than predicted, and little less chill in the air would be nice. [crosses fingers]

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