Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hair Tribulations Jubilation!

Woohoo! Hair success!

Eeeeeee! Love it love it love it. Aaaaand it looks totally smashing with my veil and fascinator. Yesssssss. As someone who has basically had stick-straight hair my whole life, curly wavy hair is like.. the coolest thang evarrrrr. Maybe I should get a perm sometime?

Kind of like my buddio Allison:

Her hair aaaactually looks like this (as seen in her bridal portrait I shot last year).

But sometimes she rocks ridiculously adorable innocent-looking curls.

I don't know if I can do innocent. :P


Connor's Mom said...


That looks totally, completely gorgeous, miss. Perfect!

Now how the heck do you want MY hair done?


Your Sis

Sweet Lorraine said...

However the heck you want, sister. Preferably y'know.. clean. And maybe brushed/combed. Otherwise, it's your call. :P

Allie said...

haha....I love it!! i'm so glad it worked!!!!! It looks great!!! And i love the back, it looks so springy :) could rock a perm...and remember it just makes you look innocent (one really isn't :) ) yay!!! I'm so excited!!!