Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I really ought to stop reading the forecast for our wedding day. A) I can't do anything about it B) It's not nearly close enough yet to actually be accurate and C) It's freakin' me out.

Well, actually, I'm totally chill about most everything right now, even the weather planning to be all poopy 'n' stuff. But still. Eaaaaghhh!

Today's October 10th prediction saaaays:
High of 66. Feels like 62.

Evening low: 47!!! Feels like 43!!
Occasional evening rain; otherwise, considerable cloudiness

Uh, what, early October in Texas? What are you doing, weather? This is nonsense.

So um. Folks coming in from out of town.. consider packing a jacket. Unless you're from the great white north where 43 is ideal for walking to school uphill both ways or something.

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Mrs. P said...

Try not to worry about it. It snowed one month to the day before my wedding which was in May. The forecast called for rain until the night before my wedding.

I will send my good wedding day weather vibes your way. (say that 10 times...)

PS - Loved your hair trial!