Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Well, I finally tried on my lovely "O Gee" pumps with my dress, and despite my attempts to convince myself otherwise, they don't really work with the dress. They're a kind of pink off-white, and the dress is more of a yellow off-white, and it just kind of clashes. Wah! Oh well. They'll serve me well as super-nice shoes anyhow.

I'm now hunting around for something else. It'd be plenty easy if I was just looking for your typical bridal shoe. But I'm not. Little strappy shoes with rhinestones and such are nice for some folks, but they're not for meee. Cousin Mary suggested peep-toes, but my long toes just squish out the end in a very unflattering manner.

I'm now wandering about Target and Payless and Kohl's and such, looking for something that will work. Le sigh. I though "O Gee" were the ones.

In other news, I have a free bridal shoot scheduled for late April. Obviously, I need to get some semblance of my outfit put together by then. Hooray for impetus to get moving on making progress. I have some of the materials to make my birdcage veil & fascinator, so I should start on that as well.

My number 1 priority really ought to be to make my Save-the-Dates. I should get those out ASAP.

Oh, my sister's coming into town tomorrow! Also, the rest of my bridal party's coming into town, seeing as my sister/maid of honor may not be able to come down again until shortly before the wedding. It ought to be a fun and busy weekend, between my brother's wedding (which I'm playing my violin in and still haven't really decided what to play! gah!), chillaxin' with my sister & bridal party, maybe doing some favor taste-testing, and so on and so forth. Yay!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Budgetary Restrictions

One of the toughest things we face in planning our wedding is finalizing our guest list. If I had my way, we'd either invite 250 or 10, but neither will work for us. Our budget most definitely won't allow the larger figure, and I couldn't stomach excluding so many to have a truly intimate ceremony. We're trying to find a happy medium somewhere not too far off of the 100 mark, but it's really difficult.

If I recall correctly, I counted 57 family members on my side that I'm inviting. That doesn't extend at all past my first cousins' children. 57/100 is a pretty hefty figure. Then you count Opie's 15 or so relatives, a few family friends here or there, and that leaves very few friends with invitations. It's difficult to pick. Sure, we have our nearest and dearest as our attendants, but who do we include and exclude beyond that? I can't help but feel like we're picking those who will feel obligated to give us presents and those who will likely hate us forever. Fun.

I may be speaking out of turn a little bit to write about this, but I do in some ways envy my brother and his fiance for having the luxury to plan the intimate wedding they'll be celebrating next week. They can have the nice venue and the nice food. It's not at all like they don't like or love the people that weren't invited, nor is that at all the message they're trying to send with their rather exclusive guest list. They just chose to have a different sort of evening to celebrate their union and I can respect that. And I can also pine for the niceties they're able to afford for essentially the same budget I have to throw a party for 5 or more times the guests. Whee.

I have I think always compared weddings I've attended to the great bash that was my cousin TJ's wedding. I saw family there that I hadn't seen in eons (and haven't seen since). Everyone enjoyed great food, an open bar, great company, dancing, music, and all while celebrating and congratulating the newly wed couple. I'm doing my best to emulate the memory of that evening in a lot of ways, though it will be far from the same. We're planning to have a burger buffet - maybe not the "classiest" meal ever, but it's good eatin' and of the options we can afford, pretty much the best thing going. We'll have beer in plenty, and champagne for toasting.. maybe wine. We'll see. Our venue's pretty much exactly what we were looking for, so that's nice. We'll have plastic-ware instead of china, but I suspect our guests will survive. I'm doing my best to cut the budget everywhere I can so that we can afford a DJ, tasty cake, real linens, and so on and so forth.

I can't help but stress about those being excluded, even as inclusive as I'm trying to make our event. There are so many childhood friends, coworkers, high school (and later) pals that we want so badly to include.. but probably cannot. Also, we're so excited about our approaching nuptials, that it's easy to divulge intimate planning details to those we hadn't planned to invite. Are we then obligated to invite them? *sighs* I wish I could just wave a magic wand and make our wedding simultaneously free, fancy, and full o' friends.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

At Something of a Stand-Still

I'd like to say I've made wedding planning progress recently, but I really have not done so since purchasing my shoes. That's not to say we haven't made good progress considering the 8 months we have remaining, but there are a number of things I need to get moving on.

Things We've Accomplished
Selected/Put Deposit down on Ceremony/Reception Venue (more on this later)
Set the Date!
Bought Dress & Shoes
Bought/Arranged borrowing of Jewelry
Begun interviewing bakers
Selected photographer "friendors" (Oh yes, that is a clever combination of friend and vendor)
Selected makeup artist "friendor"
Begun shopping for wedding bands
Pretty well decided on menu
Begun collecting things for centerpieces
Planned Bridesmaid attire
Have a general idea of what the favors will be (Thank you Jessie!)

Things We Still Need to Do
Design, Print & Mail Save-the-Dates & Invitations
Dress Alterations (really just hemming)
Finalize cake plans
Figure out mens' attire
Figure out & practice Do-it-Yourself floral arrangements
Pick wedding bands
Taste-test favors
Write ceremony
Pick officiant
Determine if DJ is in the budget, and if so, pick DJ

I'm not sure if I want to do the garter/bouquet toss. I know it's *tradition* and it probably is a good ice-breaker, but we really may not have that many unmarried girls at the reception and I feel kind of weird about singling them out and making them compete to symbolically earn the next marriage. Eh. Also, from a more practical standpoint, I'm not sure how I'll inconspicuously wear a garter under my slinky dress. We shall seeeeee. If we do, at least I found garters for $1 at the aptly named dollar store.

My latest idea for Bridesmaids' (or mine, if I don't use wheat) bouquets is to use tightly bundled Baby's Breath. I know it's typically used as a "filler flower" but I really like how these bouquets look:

Aren't they sweet?

Also, since I mentioned wedding bands in the lists up there, allow me to share my favorites among the rings we've looked at so far that meet both of our requirements:


This is the thinner of 2 versions of this ring. I'll admit, I prefer how the thinner (my) version looks, and I get the impression Opie's not suuuper crazy about the thicker one either, so I doubt this will end up being "the one".
If we did this band, it would be in white gold, with this being the thicker man's version.

I don't necessarily require that we have Celtic-themed bands. To be entirely honest, a simple half-round white gold band maybe about 2 mm wide would look best with my engagement ring.

Howeeeever, we both really want matching bands and Opie wants something a bit more unique than that, which I can understand. I suggested milgrain bands with engraving (thinking of my parents' bands that I've always admired) but he feels he's seen that too many times (I suggested it since that's what I always picture when I think of wedding rings), so that's a fair assertion.

Sooo if we're going to do something with a more intricate design of some manner, I figure it ought to least signify something about us. Since very early in our relationship, we've worn matching sterling silver celtic knot rings on our right hands. To me, the knot signifies unity and eternity and seems fitting for the wedding band as a symbol of our marriage. All that being said, try a google search for "Celtic wedding ring" and you will find a metric f***-ton of fuuuugly stuff. I require that our rings be simple, available in a thin width and "look good" with my simple engagement ring, so there's a lot of ugliness and expensive mediocrity to sift through to find our rings.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

O Gee!

I did indeed venture to Nordstrom Rack today. Good grief, I love that store. They had a lot of designer shoes on the sales rack today, but I steered clear for a few reasons: 1) The still ridiculous prices 2) The only shoes in colors I liked proclaimed their brand with monograms all over them and 3) They only had maybe 20 different pairs in my size.

I was instead more than content to browse through the 6 or so rows of 8 1/2s & 9s of still-super-nice shoes. I pretty much keep a running commentary in my head when I shop in that store, "Oh hello there beautiful, how much do you cost? Alas, it was never meant to be, sweetheart." "You're looking mighty fancy today. Oh my, you make me look pretty fancy too. You really shouldn't sell yourself at these prices. You don't know what people might think, darling." Clearly, I am ridiculous. Also, I love nice clothes at nice prices. I have a closet full of my grandmother's old Neiman's clothes that fit me perfectly and cost me nothing. I love that.

And so, I met my probable wedding shoes today. I say probable only because I've yet to try them on with my dress, but they are at the very least my shoes now whether or not they serve as my wedding shoes.

Without further ado, I present:

Her name is the Gentle Souls 'O Gee' Pump.
She's maybe not the sexiest shoe I've ever encountered, but oh sweet mercy, is she ever comfortable. You know how people justify wearing crocs or uggs because they're comfortable? Downright sinful when something simultaneously so beautiful and sooooooo comfortable exists on the market. Flats, I do not need you to appear at my wedding when I can simultaneously have my good posture, added height and comfy feetsies.

She has a tiiiiny beauty (er, skid) mark on one side, so instead of her usual $234.95, I get to call her my own for $71.43. I'll admit that I don't usually spend $70 on shoes, but I also don't normally buy genuinely nice shoes, being the cheap-skate that I am. I wouldn't shell that out for just anything. 'O Gee', you wear like a dream and you are miiiine.

Dress Sneak Preview + Shoes!

First of all, here's a sneak preview of my dress, for all but the 4 folks who've seen it in person or in greater detail. This is the back, prior to any hemming. I love the draping of the fabric in the back - such a beautiful detail! Also, note one of my favorite qualities - the lack of a train! I'm having a semi-outdoor wedding and reception. A train is impractical. Truly, I can't think of a situation outside of a cathedral where I'd want a train. I like being able to walk, personally.

So, before I can get my dress properly hemmed, I need to choose some shoes! Shoes and I, we have this relationship. I want shoes that are -me-, and that go with my dress that is also very -me-. I was originally planning to wear flats, but honestly, pumps and me, we have a special bond. But if I find the perfect flats, I wouldn't turn them down. Also, I would love some uber-bright-colored non-white shoes, but alas, I don't think that really goes with my dress. All that being said, I now present you with a sampling of the shoes I've been drooling over tonight.

These were so ridiculously out of my price range, but so delightfully flat and green. Yum. As previously mentioned, alas, they wouldn't complement my dress very well anyhow.

Pump-like but nearly flat with that itty-bitty heel. Unless the back is too narrow, these look wonderfully comfy.

I could see these working for the occasion, being comfortable, satisfying my desire for something -different-, and also becoming a staple in my wardrobe post-wedding. Have I mentioned that I love shoes? Yes?

How completely adorable are these?! Maybe a little too bright white for my dress, and I don't know what the purpose of the slit in the front is, but tooootally cute. If I had a lacy dress, these would definitely be on my wish-list.

Super-cute flats. Look at that detailing. Yummy. Again, possibly too bright-white, but I don't know how much my shoes will show either way...

I already have 1 pair of similar shoes to these in all-black. I'm a sucker for these. Wouldn't it be totally adorable if Opie wore shoes that matched (sans heel, of course)? Eh? Eh? I dunno if they really go with my dress but.. WANT.

Cute. Pumpiness.

I think the simplicity & texture of these would go beautifully with my dress. Gorgeous.

Told you I was a sucker for these! [drools]

I don't normally go for wedges, but these are lovely. Unfortunately, if memory serves, they were described as rather uncomfortable and poorly sized. Boo.

The even cuter sister to the previous shoe, methinks.

This is another pair that I could see being a wardrobe staple. I don't know if they really satisfy my need for something different though.

Cute, cute, cute. Mary-jane with an adorable little heel.

Soooo yay! Shoe porn galore. Hope you enjoyed. I think I'll hit up Nordstrom Rack tomorrow and see what I can find in person. Coupled with my love for shoes are my wonky feet, so I really need to try shoes on before buying them.