Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Well, I finally tried on my lovely "O Gee" pumps with my dress, and despite my attempts to convince myself otherwise, they don't really work with the dress. They're a kind of pink off-white, and the dress is more of a yellow off-white, and it just kind of clashes. Wah! Oh well. They'll serve me well as super-nice shoes anyhow.

I'm now hunting around for something else. It'd be plenty easy if I was just looking for your typical bridal shoe. But I'm not. Little strappy shoes with rhinestones and such are nice for some folks, but they're not for meee. Cousin Mary suggested peep-toes, but my long toes just squish out the end in a very unflattering manner.

I'm now wandering about Target and Payless and Kohl's and such, looking for something that will work. Le sigh. I though "O Gee" were the ones.

In other news, I have a free bridal shoot scheduled for late April. Obviously, I need to get some semblance of my outfit put together by then. Hooray for impetus to get moving on making progress. I have some of the materials to make my birdcage veil & fascinator, so I should start on that as well.

My number 1 priority really ought to be to make my Save-the-Dates. I should get those out ASAP.

Oh, my sister's coming into town tomorrow! Also, the rest of my bridal party's coming into town, seeing as my sister/maid of honor may not be able to come down again until shortly before the wedding. It ought to be a fun and busy weekend, between my brother's wedding (which I'm playing my violin in and still haven't really decided what to play! gah!), chillaxin' with my sister & bridal party, maybe doing some favor taste-testing, and so on and so forth. Yay!

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