Thursday, February 5, 2009

O Gee!

I did indeed venture to Nordstrom Rack today. Good grief, I love that store. They had a lot of designer shoes on the sales rack today, but I steered clear for a few reasons: 1) The still ridiculous prices 2) The only shoes in colors I liked proclaimed their brand with monograms all over them and 3) They only had maybe 20 different pairs in my size.

I was instead more than content to browse through the 6 or so rows of 8 1/2s & 9s of still-super-nice shoes. I pretty much keep a running commentary in my head when I shop in that store, "Oh hello there beautiful, how much do you cost? Alas, it was never meant to be, sweetheart." "You're looking mighty fancy today. Oh my, you make me look pretty fancy too. You really shouldn't sell yourself at these prices. You don't know what people might think, darling." Clearly, I am ridiculous. Also, I love nice clothes at nice prices. I have a closet full of my grandmother's old Neiman's clothes that fit me perfectly and cost me nothing. I love that.

And so, I met my probable wedding shoes today. I say probable only because I've yet to try them on with my dress, but they are at the very least my shoes now whether or not they serve as my wedding shoes.

Without further ado, I present:

Her name is the Gentle Souls 'O Gee' Pump.
She's maybe not the sexiest shoe I've ever encountered, but oh sweet mercy, is she ever comfortable. You know how people justify wearing crocs or uggs because they're comfortable? Downright sinful when something simultaneously so beautiful and sooooooo comfortable exists on the market. Flats, I do not need you to appear at my wedding when I can simultaneously have my good posture, added height and comfy feetsies.

She has a tiiiiny beauty (er, skid) mark on one side, so instead of her usual $234.95, I get to call her my own for $71.43. I'll admit that I don't usually spend $70 on shoes, but I also don't normally buy genuinely nice shoes, being the cheap-skate that I am. I wouldn't shell that out for just anything. 'O Gee', you wear like a dream and you are miiiine.


Laura said...

Are you kidding? That's a darling little pump. Aunt Laura

Connor's Mom said...

Those are PERFECT for your dress. I love them, though I hope this doesn't stop us from venturing into the vintage shoe store down in Olympia. That would be sad.

maurylorraine said...

Are you kidding? Nothing will stop me from shoe-shopping, silly-head!