Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I found my shoes!
O Gee was nice, but these are even dandier, presuming "dandier" is a word.

Meet the Madden Girl "Beckey".


She's super cute peeking out from under my floor-length gown. It's the non-traditional very "me" shoe I was looking for, and while I had to talk myself into it in the store a little bit since red is definitely not in my so-called "color palette", I don't think it matters. The pop of color will be fun. I wasn't 100% sold on them for the wedding until I tried them on with the dress, but I really think they're perfect.


Anonymous said...

Your shoes are super cute!! I'm jealous that you were able to find what you were looking for - I haven't been able to settle on anything yet!

Mary Lorraine said...

Thanks! I'd probably still be hemming and hawing over the issue buuuut I had a wee bit of a time crunch since I have some bridal portraits scheduled for late April. I still need to find my undies so I can get my dress altered (really just hemmed). Aaaand I need to make my veil & finish my fascinator. The shoes are a lovely but rather small accomplishment on the list.

I see you're a fellow Dallas-area bride, by the by!

Lisa said...

Hi! I just found your website through 2000dollarwedding -- I saw the teeny pic of the back of your dress and it looks exactly like something I'd love for myself. Can you let me know where I can find this dress? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Yes I live in Dallas, but I'm actually getting married in my hometown in Upstate NY. Planning from afar has been a huge challenge for me but I'm just chugging along the best I can!

Have you picked a location for your bridal portraits?

Mary Lorraine said...

@Lisa - I really wish I could. It's by Cache and was likely originally a prom dress, but I bought it at a consignment shop here in Dallas. I've tried to find images of it on Cache's website and around the web but haven't had any luck.

@Jess - I haven't picked a specific location, but the plan is to shoot in a field of wildflowers or some sort of growing crop.