Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Cake Situation

The Bride's "Cake" is one of the things I'm most excited about for our reception. See, I really don't like cake. I mean, sure, I'll occasionally stumble across a cake that tastes good and has redeeming qualities, but I far and away prefer other desserts, particularly pies and cobblers. Growing up, I probably had peach cobbler on my birthday for a minimum of five years in a row. I don't recall having a true "birthday cake" after the age of maybe 5 or 6. If I did, it was probably Angel Food Cake or Pineapple Upside Down Cake or something similarly non-cakey. Soooo after a little convincing of the groom-to-be, ("Hey, it's not fair that you're kind of choosing both the Groom's and Bride's Cake! Wah wah wah!") we've decided to have pie instead of cake! Yaaaaaay Pie!


I don't know what percentage of my guests are as fanatical about pie as I am, but I mean, really.. who doesn't like pie? And in many ways more importantly, I love how pie is so key to our relationship. That sounds silly if heard without explanation, but it's true. Opie likes to say he won me over with pecan pie. While I'm pretty sure he'd already snagged me for good by the time he started trying his hand at baking, his amazing pecan pies sure didn't hurt. While we've cut down our pie consumption now, there was a time when we always had a pie in the fridge (and sometimes two!), all homemade by Opie (and at times made together). A lot of bonding happened over those pies, and though it may be super-cheesy, it seems right to celebrate our newly declared lifelong-bond over pie too!

As for the Groom's Cake, Opie gets to pick whatever kind of cake he wants. He's not crazy about chocolate (crazy man.. mmmmm chocolate) but loves a good Carrot Cake or Rum Cake, not to mention the family recipe Hummingbird Cake my mom made us recently. I trust him to choose something tasty.

One of the other nice things about the pastry route we're taking is definitely the price. The very bare minimum I've been quoted for a relatively undecorated tiered wedding cake is $3 per serving. So, say we can get 8 servings from a pie in the price range of somewhere from $5 to $15, that's a per serving price of $.63 - $1.88. Yes please. I don't know what sort of price we'll be looking at for the Groom's Cake, but presuming we don't order it with the title "Groom's Cake" I'm sure we'll avoid a lot of the wedding inflationary pricing that drives me nuts.


I feel the need to reiterate YAAAAY PIIIIIIIIIE!


Allie said...

I love pie...i'll be there :) It was the deciding factor ;)

Mary Lorraine said...

Hooray! :P
I mean, pie totally makes it worth it, right?

Lorraine said...

Too bad you don't like cake - it would be so cool if Sweet Lorraine Cakes could make a cake for you!

Sweet Lorraine said...

@Lorraine - That would definitely be nifty!