Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hair Trials and Tribulations

I had my first hair trial shortly after my bridal shower on Saturday. I met my absolute sweetheart of a hair stylist, Kirsten, at the salon where Opie's aunt works. As you might recall, she's very generously "taking care" of me having my hair done at her salon.

This is one of the inspirational photos I brought for my hairstyle. Finger waves, yessss. She was excited to do 'em, and various other folks popped in to see what we were doing, I suppose particularly because our appointment was starting right as the salon was closing for the day. One woman in particular got very excited about my hairstyle of choice, and waxed poetic about a book she has of old movie starlets, many of whom sported this look. It was cute. ;)

Kirsten was quick to point out that this trial was largely a test - a test to see how large to do the alternating pin curls, a test to see how long I need to go under the heat, etc. I should've taken a photo of my hair midway through. It was very.. fancy looking with little curls pinned to my head all over the place!

Weeeeell, the test didn't go so well, after all. When she first took it down, my hair was looking fairly fingerwavy, but by the time it was brushed out at all, it went quite limp. Next time, we need loooooooots more mousse, and I need a good length of time under the heat. She's going to practice on a mannequin a few times, and then call me back in sometime next week to give it another go at no charge.

Post-hair trial...

Sadly limp and non-wavy.

This was a cute little mini-bun when I left the salon, but 5 minutes of sitting in the car undid it.

I'm thinking I might want to cut off that excess length that needed to be tied back in some manner. It's not really meshing with my vision of fingerwaves (and sugar plum fairies).

While we were pretty well totally unsuccessful this go-around, I have faith that we shall prevail. I guess if worse comes to worst, and my fine hair just won't hold a wave, we could go for the wet set fingerwave look:

When done well, it can still look sweet and romantic. I just don't want to end up with my head looking.. goopy. Or like a helmet.

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Allie said...

I hope you aren't too disappointed, finger waves are so hard to do. But keep trying, it will be wonderful!!