Saturday, September 5, 2009

Tuxedo Junction

Opie and I picked out the tuxedos tonight. The boys'll be in brown tuxes with a few different shades of vests & ties. If you recall, my bridesmaids will also be in brown dresses, so while it's a lot of brown, I think it will still look nice. It'll be something along these lines:


Just imagine it without junior bridesmaids, with only 1 flower girl, with 1 less guy, and with some sage green accents.


This is actually the exact outfit Opie will be wearing, except with a standard 2 button jacket, and minus the hat. Also, Opie is Very White.


The groomsmen will wear "latte" vests and solid "latte" ties (not bow ties, mind you).

source source

My attendant, Michael, will have a "truffle" vest and a solid "sage" tie. I have some gifts for my bridesmaids that are a similar shade of green, so between that and Michael's boutonneire being similar to their bouquets, I think it'll tie him in well with the bridesmaids. Or he could still just get a dress. ; )

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