Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Slow Going, Frantic Finishing, Table Turning

Wedding-related posting might be a little slow-going for the next few weeks.

The end of my school semester is quickly approaching, which means projects, essays and exams galore! Being the chronic procrastinator that I am, coupled with the fact that most of my productivity has been directed toward wedding-planning lately, I'm frantically finishing all of my supposedly "semester-long" projects at the last minute. I'm very frazzled and sleep-deprived, and also anxious about a few family members currently experiencing serious health problems. I'm not in the best of emotional and mental states right about now. As each weight is lifted (like the project and essay I turned in today), my focus is then turned to the next large item on my plate. Ugh. Brain asplode.

I will however blog today, largely because I find it therapeutic and currently require a break from academics.

One of my stress points for the wedding has been the dance portion of the reception. It's an important part of my vision for the event. I miss dancing with my friends and family and I'm really looking forward to doing so at our wedding. The only problem? I have (largely by choice) a very limited budget and was concerned about how much of that budget would have to be directed toward hiring a DJ. I know that setting up a playlist and having someone man it for portions of the evening is a pretty popular solution to this problem, but I didn't really want to ask anyone to spend that much of the reception sitting with a laptop.

Not quite how I imagine it.

I also really don't want the "cheese" factor for which wedding DJs are infamous. I'm very stingy with money and only want to pay someone a lot of money for their services if I'm sure it's completely worth it. Unless you've seen them at another event, it's kind of hard to know with the services provided by DJs, officiants, etc. if you'll be satisfied with their work until after it's already been provided and payment is due. This just stresses me out.

However, brother o' mine to the rescue! He volunteered, sans prodding by yours truly, to take charge of the laptop and speakers as needed for the evening. He has great musical taste, and I'm sure we can work together to put together playlists that will satisfy all parties (or at least the parties we particularly care about pleasing). I'm hopeful that for other than a few key events like the first dance, father-daughter/mother-son dances, and pie cutting, that Tom will be able to hit play on a premade playlist and go enjoy the food and festivities himself.

My siblings and I at my brother's wedding a few months ago. Aww. Aren't we sweet?

I was the ceremony musician at his wedding (and at my sister's too, actually, in addition to Maid of Honor. I think I did much better in my duties as musician than MOH, despite the fact that I forgot to tighten my bow for the recessional). As special as that was for me, and I hope for my brother and his wife, it was a significantly lesser time commitment than what my brother has offered to do for us. I'm very touched by his offer to operate the turn-tables, so to speak.

I love how family-infused our wedding is becoming. Although we'll order most of our bride's pie from local stores, my grandmother is going to make the pie that we cut at our reception. I really love this detail so much, and I'm excited that she seems excited to make our personal pie. Pecan is probably tops in the running right now (it ranks high among my favorite pie flavors and my grandmother makes a meeean pecan pie) but we shall see. She wants to practice with whatever recipe we choose, but we still have a little over 4 months. Whoa. 4 months?! Time flies.

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