Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Only Hairstyle I've Really Considered

That's right. As soon as I found my dress, I knew pretty well exactly how I wanted to wear my hair. I remember standing there in front of the mirror in the consignment shop (a story for another time) grinning like a loon, falling in love with my dress as I decided it was mine, looking at it from every angle and saying to my mom and the shopkeeper, "Is it just me, or would fingerwaves look amazing with this dress?" They unequivocally agreed. Or at least they were nice enough to claim to agree with me. One of those.

Fingerwaves. Hairstyle of a bygone era, occasionally reclaimed by a hollywood starlet for a red carpet here or there. Also, the hairstyle sported by my grandmother at her wedding, and in other portraits hanging in my parents' dining room.

Here's a low-quality shot of a lovely picture of my grandparents. I'm named for her, Mary Lorraine.

In looking for photos of finger wave hairstyles, it seems that most stylists use gobs and gobs of gel that hardens in a rather sloppy fashion. Ideally, I'd like something more like this:

Hopefully I won't squish it too much with my birdcage veil. Maybe I need the gobs of gel after all.

These pictures make me happy in part because I'm already sick of growing my hair out. I've already gotten my hair about as long as the cuts in these pictures, so I can probably start getting it trimmed again but keep growing my bangs out. I can't recall when I last grew my bangs out. 4th grade? 6th grade? Ugh. Always a pain.

This photo is so strikingly beautiful, yes? The hairstyle, the beautiful girl, the era it evokes, the soft focus.. *sigh* ..everything, really.

I had dinner with Opie's family tonight for his grandmother's birthday. I sat next to his aunt (who happens to be a complete and total sweetheart) who works at a very high end hair salon in the area. She's specialized in color for quite some time now, but I figured there was no harm in asking if she happens to know how to do fingerwaves. She responded that she hadn't done them in 10 years but that her salon also specializes in bridal hairstyling, and she could "hook me up". In other words, she uber-generously insists on paying someone from her (did I mention "very high end"?) salon to do my hair trial and on-site day-of styling!!! Oh my goodness! My mom and I were going to try to figure out how to DIY this, but I'm so ecstatic to be unexpectedly placed in the hands of a professional!

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Miss Rye Bread said...

fingerwaves would look GREAT on you with this dress!
great idea!