Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Sick Mary is a Whiney Mary

Waahhhh. I'm currently waging war with the cold of doom and am thoroughly not enjoying myself. Wedding progress has been put on hold while I cough, sniffle and complain, so I don't have much of anything new to report. Naturally my illness coincides with a school week full of tests and other fun things, a work week where I was mistakenly scheduled for about twice my usual hours, aaaand my twentieth birthday. Yay! Don't feel too bad for me though. All sympathy should be directed toward Saint Opie who is currently on Ramen, Nyquil and "Go back to bed, stubborn girl!" duty.

I'll use this break in our scheduled programming to properly introduce the other 2 members of our little family. I'll introduce them in order of age rather than size, methinks.

First, the adorable, the ridiculous, the rather idiotic...

The Calypso!

Oh ho ho. This picture cracks me up everytime.

See? I toooold you she's adorable. Can I hear an "AWWWW"?

I did also mention ridiculous and idiotic, right? Yes, that is Calypso inside the leg of my jeans. Ohh, kitty. You are a silly one.

Calypso joined the family in Fall of '07, about 3 or 4 months into our relationship. We already knew we were in it for the long haul, bringing a baybeh kitteh into our life together. She came to us from a stray litter that my sister found abandoned in her carport in Washington state. Calypso and her brother Allister (who now resides with my parents) flew to Texas together, mewing pitifully the whole way.

After Calypso had settled in for about a year and had thoroughly decided that she ruled the roost, we decided to turn her world upside-down and adopt a puppy. Ohhh boy, was she less than pleased. But how could she resist Trajan's cute puppy face?

Trajan at 6 weeks. He came to us at 10 weeks & roughly 37 lbs.

Well, I guess maybe the fact that he weighed about 4 times her weight might have had something to do with it. Also, his puppy curiosity married to his gargantuan size put her in some rather uncomfortable positions. Sorry kitty!

Trajan is a blue Great Dane. He's currently 8 months old. He hasn't been weighed since he was 6.5 months old, when he weighed about 105 lbs of pure love and affection. He definitely outweighs me now.

Trajan at 6 months. This is the only piece of furniture he's allowed to sit on. He doesn't much like to share it.

7 months.

8 months. He says, "Gee mom. I'm not doin' anything mischievious at all! I swear!" It looks like they're getting along here. By their standards, they are, but Calypso is in fact growling and Trajan is sloooooowly sneaking closer so that he can very excitedly investigate her with his huge schnozz.

So, do you think the description in my profile of "an itty bitty kitty and a horse disguised as a puppy" is accurate? Just to give you a reference of just-how-big Trajan will get, his father weighs 185 lbs. His mother's back is 33 inches off the ground. He'll get most of his growth in the first year, but he'll gradually grow more for another year+. I love our larger-than-life pup!


Anonymous said...

Awww - your "kids" are so cute!! I can't believe how huge Trajan is!! Are you even able to take him for proper walks? I would imagine he's probably end up dragging you down the street! :)

Hope you're feeling better!!

Sweet Lorraine said...

@Jess - Thanks! Actually, I walk Trajan without any real problems. Because I'm not strong enough & feel uncomfortable using a choke collar to leash-train him, I walk him on a Halti. It's basically a harness that loops around his nose and tightens and pulls his face back toward me if he pulls. It takes away any real leverage that he'd have with his weight/size. The only time I have any problems is if he spots a bicycle or stroller as he's terrified of both. He'll do his best to cower behind me. :P

Laura said...

The cat is hilarious.