Monday, April 20, 2009

Return to Normal Programming

Our internet and television service is finally back in working order. On Friday morning we startled awake to an enormous KABLOOIE! and a blinding flash of light (we both swear something momentarily glowed bright orange from the bedroom ceiling). A typical spring Texas thunder storm was rolling through and decided to strike down our sinful cable service. Apparently lightning struck either our house or very close to it. We were grateful to find our attic lacking fire and our chimney apparently still sporting all of its bricks per usual.

We were, however, simultaneously horrified to find ourselves unable to access the internet. My software engineer fiance did every bit of magic computer mumbo jumbo in his arsenal to get it up and running, but alas, it soon became clear that some portion of the hardware was *fried*. In fact, just about every portion of the hardware relating to the cable & internet service was fried. Our cable provider finally made it out yesterday afternoon to replace the portions that were their responsibility. We had to replace the router ourselves - I guess they don't cover acts of God. I think they should. It was clearly their evil services that God was seeking to smite.
Harumph, I say. Harumph.

Despite the fact that we have internet service at home again, I'm actually writing this update while paying copious amounts of attention to my oh-so-enthralling 10 hours of Monday classes. I'm actually a ridonkulously good (and modest) student roughly 95% of the time. This semester is quickly fulfilling my 5% quota of bad study habits. I'd rant about the drudgery of my current classes, but I guess I should actually fulfill this entry's titled subject; our return to normal programming. Wedding stuff it is!

I've finished my homemade Save the Dates but I'm waiting on a few straggling addresses to be gathered. Until I've sent them all out, I'll refrain from giving you a proper look at them. I will give you a little taste though!

Shallow Depth of Field Teaser.

Since I introduced our "children" in the last proper entry, now seems as apt a time as any to introduce our wedding party. I'll start with my attendants, since y'know.. they're mine. And I'm just selfish like that.

First up, my Matron of Honor. I tend to still call her my maid of honor since I think "matron" sounds rather matronly (go figure) but Miss Manners tells me I'm wrong. Shove it, Miss Manners. How about Sister of Honor? Yeah, we can go with that.

Sister of Honor, Jessie.

We go way back. I've known her for a little over twenty years, since I came screaming into the world and stole her bedroom. I also ripped the flowers out of her dollhouse window boxes and various other unforgivable offences, but she set my lego man on fire and sometimes tried to mother me too much. Shall we call it even, sis? These days, she's one of my best friends although she lives way the heck across the country and we only get to see each other in person once, twice, or thrice a year. I was her Maid of Honor when I was about 15, although I was pretty terrible at it. I had no idea I was supposed to give a speech at the reception, and I sure as heck wasn't really involved in the planning of her shower and bachelorette party. Therefore she only has to write an embarassing or touching speech for us if she really really wants to, and she's already doing an awesome job in her other Honor-Person's duties.

A decidedly not-recent picture of the two of us. I'm a pretty pretty princess. She's.. my sister. =D

Next up, my bridesmaid Kelsey. We went to Middle School and High School together. We were apparently in the same Algebra class when I was in 7th grade and she was a big bad 8th grader.. but neither of us have any recollection of the other. Oh well. That was unfortunately the only class we ever had together but we're planning to take a community college summer class together this year. We met through a mutual friend when I was in 10th grade and she was in 11th. We were both in Badminton Club - we'd basically just whack a birdie back and forth without a net (or any rules) in the middle of the main hallway of the school, exactly where the color guard wanted to practice at the same time. Rebels, I know.

Aww. I'n't she puurty?

At first we just shared a close friend rather than really being close friends ourselves. Over time though, as our tight knit group split several ways, I've come to count her as one of my very closest friends, and I like to think it's mutual. Right, Kelsey? Right? [nudge nudge]

I believe this was my junior and her senior year. Party hardy. We were good little straight edge kids in high school.

I also have a male attendant. Or maybe a bridesman! Actually, Michael has no qualms about being called one of my bridesmaids. I think he takes great pride in bearing that title. Michael and I met in high school through the same mutual friend who introduced me to Kelsey. We've also grown much closer in the last year or two.

Michael solely represents the not-pasty-white contingent of our wedding party.

He's really adorable about the whole wedding planning process. When I put my veil on for him a week or two ago, he totally started tearing up. He also super adorably freaked out when I told him Opie and I had gone ring shopping, and also definitely when Opie actually popped the question. While he's certainly not more excited about our wedding than we are, he very well may be more vocal about it. Cutie pie. Just for the record, he digs girls. And Hugh Jackman. But mostly girls.

He is very insistent that I weigh absolutely nothing. A good ego booster to have around! =D

That wraps up for my attendants. I'll briefly introduce Opie's boys, but I'm not particularly qualified to do so. Opie's Best Man, for whom he was also Best Man, is his long-time friend Justin.

Probably not the most flattering picture ever of the boy, but his internet presence is basically nonexistant.

Justin and Opie are all kinds of trouble when they get together. They consider Justin's wife Christie and myself "keepers" because we'll put up with (or ignore) their often inappropriate behavior. They've been friends since High School and perhaps revert to that level of maturity when they're together, but that's perfectly okay. They have an ongoing contest to find the most disturbing/obnoxious/hilarious songs and videos in existence. I'd be lying if I didn't admit to enjoying the results of their search. Alas, I have no pictures of the two of them misbehaving together to include here. Opie, you must remedy this in the most safe-for-work way possible, please.

Opie's other groomsman is his friend Marshall. They've known each other even longer than he and Justin, I think. I could be completely wrong. Whatever. Opie's free to rewrite this portion. They lived together for a lot of years, both in Texas and California. Opie was the lone witness at Marshall's courthouse wedding a number of years ago.

Marshie-Bear, as Opie affectionately calls him. Marshie-Bear loves this monicker, I'm sure.

Marshall is also a software engineer (I think... something like that, anyway) and I guess they kind of honed their professional skills together growing up. They supported each other through layoffs and breakups and many life changing experiences. They're more like family than friends by now.

Marshall and Opie enjoying a little Saint Patty's very-underage drinking. They were not the straightedge children that my friends and I were.

For good measure, I'll conclude with a picture of Opie and me from Christmas of '08.



Connor's Mom said...

I don't mother you at all! Are you getting enough sleep? Why aren't you studying? Make sure you're wearing clean underwear-- what if you got in a car accident?


Anonymous said...

Your Save the Dates look amazing! I can't wait to see the rest!