Saturday, April 4, 2009

First Dance

I'm feeling particularly lovey-dovey tonight. Therefore, I'm pondering what song should be played for our first dance. Allow me to introduce my current contenders [pending Opie's approval]. Click on the links to be led to youtube videos of these songs:

Sweet Lorraine - Nat King Cole
This is probably the first one to come to mind for both of us, as Lorraine is my middle name and I've always felt connected to this song. It's certainly one of "our songs". That being said, the lines about "each night I pray no one will steal her heart away" bother me a bit for the song to kick off our marriage.

What a Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong
It really is a wonderful world with my love beside me, y'know? Also, I looove Armstrong's vocals. It's a shame he never did a version of Sweet Lorraine that I'm aware of.

Sea of Love - Cat Power
I definitely cried the first time I heard Cat Power's cover of this song. I think I fall in love with Opie all over again every time I hear this song.

Green Eyes - Coldplay
This was probably the first or second song to join the ever growing list of "our songs", probably within the very first few weeks of dating. I used to leave little quotes from songs and poems and such in my away message when I'd sign off AIM for the night. Opie would then investigate where they came from (more often than not being disappointed by how depressing the majority of my music choices are. ha!) and this was one of the first to be truly romantic. It got added to his playlist for driving around ASAP.

A Kiss to Build a Dream On - Louis Armstrong
This is one of Opie's top contenders, methinks. Again, I love Armstrong's voice. However, this song tends to make me think more of a crush than life-long love.

Something in the Way She Moves - James Taylor
James Taylor would definitely play a central role in a soundtrack of my life. His music was my lullaby in the crib, his were the arrangements for portions of every family sing-along, and the backdrop to every road trip. This song is so beautifully romantic. I wish I could think of a JT song to use for the Father-Daughter dance. That would be so incredibly appropriate.

You and Me - The Cranberries
Either this one or 'Dreams' are possibilities, though they're not quite the sound I envision for a first dance, I suppose. They'll definitely get played at some point in the evening though. We blasted the Cranberries as we drove around on our first date. I pointed out that he must be pretty secure in his masculinity to blast the Cranberries at a stoplight with all of the windows open. <3

All I Want is You - Barry Louis Polisar
This, along with Cat Power's 'Sea of Love' are found on the Juno soundtrack. This song is so ridiculously adorable. Can you just imagine us both singing along to this at the top of our lungs as we drive around town together? Oh yes. It happens probably at least once a week.

Mmmmmmm, music. I'm in a lovely mood after listening to all of these on repeat for a while tonight.


Connor's Mom said...

Oooo-- those are some tough contenders!

I almost bought you a parasol the other day, by the way. It was green and not red, though, so I didn't. Sadness.


Connor's Mom said...

Speaking of parasols....

Sweet Lorraine said...

I know! I got the same thing in my search a week or so ago! I'm definitely considering buying the Red & White Swirl 33 inch one that looks like a fern is curling around it. Beautiful.

This one: