Thursday, April 2, 2009


I think it'd be super fun to set up a photo booth of sorts at our reception. I know it's a really common idea across wedding blogs for the last while, but I've yet to personally attend a wedding that has one so I don't know how mainstream it really is. Also, I think I probably just frequent the blogs of super-awesome weddings.

As neat as the little strips of photos from real photo booths are, they are a) not what I can afford, and b) not quite what I'm envisioning. I'm thinking more something like theeeese (I apologize for losing the info on where I found these images):

I looove the idea of using a fun fabric backdrop, draped from the wall down to the floor.

More fabric awesomeness. We could also provide props for extra hilarity, like my yoda backpack, our Shatner standup, paper hats, mustaches, etc. I figure we'll just set up a digital camera on self-timer on a tripod with instructions written up next to it. I'm sure we could rig up some sort of lighting, but nothing too complicated. Maybe check out some lights from my school's photo department... We could then send folks their photos with their thank you notes since I don't much feel like printing them at the reception.

I also think I want to get a flickr pro account and give out the password to our guests on the day of, so they can upload the photos they take at our wedding. I have full faith in our friends who are shooting the wedding, but it'd be fun to have extra candid shots and such.


Allie said...

that sounds like fun, plus I don't know what you were thinking of doing for favors but that would be a super easy and cheaper favor!!

Sweet Lorraine said...

@Allie - We're actually doing homemade truffles (thanks to my amazing sister!) for our favors. But yes - that would be a lovely alternative favor. :]

Connor's Mom said...

Great idea! I'll find you a fake nose and mustache as a prop.

Those are good for wedding party photos too, by the way. Opie just needs the fake nose.

Anonymous said...

I definitely think this will be a hit! I haven't attended a wedding with one yet either, but it seems to be a pretty popular idea.

Have you thought about using the pictures themselves as "thank yous"? You could print them out as postcards and then just drop them in the mail. Just a thought!

Terri said...

Love the photo booth idea. What a great way to document all the hams in the family. Good thing you are talking digital photos. Plenty of room at the venue for an area devoted solely to your photo booth.

Sweet Lorraine said...

@Connor's Mom - Yes! I meant to include those in my list of photobooth props, but I wasn't sure if they had a name other than "fake nose and mustache". I think I saw some a month or so ago at the dollar store, along with various other funny glasses, faux-bling, etc.

@Jess - Y'know, that's a pretty darn good idea. I'm loving the price of postage for my postcard save-the-dates I'm in the middle of producing.

@Terri - Hey momma! Yes - I'm sure all the shmucks in our crew will have a grand time in front of the camera!