Thursday, May 7, 2009


or am I the coolest bride evarr?

It's official. I AM the coolest bride evarrrrrr.

In other news, Weddingbee rejected my application today. WHATEVA'. They don't know the awesomeness that they're missing.


Jenna said...

Sorry about WB :( I tried to help a bride get accepted once, and I'm still puzzled about why she didn't get in. I don't always understand what Bee's system is?

It's probably because she didn't see this super sweet picture of you first. :)

Sweet Lorraine said...

@Jenna - Yeeeeah. I dunno. I've missed posting some what with finals and illness and such. Also, right before I got rejected, I posted an entry that discusses how my postcard stamps look like female genitalia. Maybe she doesn't appreciate my juvenile (awesome) sense of humor.

HunterBride said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!
I LOVE this photo. Seriously love.
And I had those same stamps for my STD, and also thought they looked like female genitalia. You're not alone :)