Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Time Has Almost Come

By this time tomorrow, I'll sport a few fancy new titles. Wife. A new surname. Mrs.

It's been a busy and lovely last few days leading up to the wedding. Making bouquets and boutonnieres, rehearsing, writing up instructions for all the wedding-decorating elves, finishing up a million other little craft projects, running a million errands, and doing my best to delegate. Spending time with close and extended family, relishing the amazing smell of homemade chocolate truffles and beautiful store-bought pies, laughing and kissing on Opie as we practice our high school sway, deciding on our so-very-perfect recessional song in a split second by just asking my cousin what he thinks it should be, seeing my nephew for the first time in too long, chillin' with my flower girl (who is an extra-adorable clone of me, for the record), and giddily telling my fiance, "Goodnight, soon-to-be Husband!" as I wander back into the office to finish up some more tasks.

Yup. This wedding thing. It's good. It's right. And it's almost here.


Anonymous said...

Aw! I'm so glad this is working out for you! I hope tomorrow goes smoothly and becomes one of the happiest and most inspiring days of your life.

Love and best wishes to you both!


Nicole R.J. said...

Best wishes tomorrow - I hope you have a fabulous day!