Thursday, October 29, 2009

Getting Ready

I'll start my wedding day recaps where our photos start. Getting ready. Just photos of me getting ready, really, since the boys got ready about 25 minutes away from me, my attendants all got ready in other rooms, and everyone else was off setting up the venue in the limited time we had after the morning event ended and before ours began.

Kirsten and another girl from Osgood O'Neil whose name I have sadly forgotten arrived at my parents' house right on time to make the magic happen with my hair.

Magic. Magic, I tell you.

My sister was there with me the whole time, replenishing my snacks (since I kind of forgot to eat breakfast and lunch. Whoops), taking bets on how stressed our mom was out at the venue set-up, and being generally silly. After several high-stress days leading up to the wedding, a little silly sister time is precisely what the doctor ordered.

Us, sisters? Never.

Our lovely photographer Jenna Cole and our second shooter Lynn Nguyen absconded with my dress and other bits of my ensemble.

My dress wandered into my neighbor's tree.

My blackbeard wheat bouquet popped up in several places, along with its buddy little toss bouquet, both of which I made.

My gussied-up dollar store garter traveled outside.

My bridesmaids' baby's breath bouquets hung out in their water where they belonged.

And my shoes caught some rare rays on our day of dreary skies.

I went ahead and did my makeup while I waited for my mom to get home from the venue.

My awesome polka dotted 70s-collar-action shirt was my grandmother's, thankyouverymuch.

Momma finally got home and helped me into my dress, despite the fact that I have crazy double-jointed gumby arms (as Opie calls them) and can zip up my own clothes.

There's just something sweet about having your mom help you into your wedding dress.

Then it was time to step up into my killer pumps.

Ohhhhhh yeah.

And time to wrestle my veil into place.

More wrestling needed.

And still a little more. This veil that my mom and I made is not exactly an exact science.

Veil finally in place, hugs are needed.

Eeee. I love my mom. :)

With everyone ready to go, it's time to coordinate with the boys to meet up for pre-ceremony photos. It's now that I learn the park where we had planned to take said photos is closed. Oh well. I'm in such a good mood that I could care less. We'll figure something else out.

And we're off!

All photos by Jenna Cole, unless otherwise denoted by watermark.
I purchased a disc of unedited high resolution photos from Jenna, so all photos by her have been edited by me for the purpose of sharing them with you.


Allie said...

I love the black and white photo of you putting on the veil!!! beautiful!!!

lynninlove said...

Such sweet writing! What a beautiful way to start your recaps! I agree, that black and white photo with your veil is gorgeous!

Kristi said...

I've enjoyed perusing your pictures and reading about your wedding. Your blusher veil really turned out well. How did you guys go about making it? Any tips you could pass along are much appreciated. Thanks, kh