Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Rings Are on their Way!

Yay! I finally got this happy little message in my inbox today!

"Thanks for your recent order. We would like to inform you that your order, which was shipped from Dublin, has cleared US customs."

It's about time, US customs. You've had our rings for about the last week and I wants them nooooow. Pretty pretty please? I promise our rings are not made of drugs or other illicit materials.


Anonymous said...

Yay! That's so exciting!! I actually just got a call from our jeweler yesterday saying that my ring was finished so I get to pick them up today! :) Are they supposed to be delivered this week?

Miss Rye Bread said...

I love your rings!
Usually the celtic knots seem a bit too mainstream to me, but these look very refined, intricate, and beautiful :)
what's the shop name?

Sweet Lorraine said...

Jess - Eeee! Yes! Today! They left Mesquite to be delivered this morning! [dances]

Rye Bread - Thank you ma'am. I wound up getting the best deal on them from, largely because they give you a 10% discount & free shipping if you find any of their products for less on another site, which I did, at
The pattern is called "Celtic Warrior Shield" and we basically chose it for exactly the reasons you listed. :)