Wednesday, June 17, 2009

And So the Wedding Dreams Begin

While I don't always remember my dreams so I may be wrong, I believe I had my first wedding dream last night, or at least my first dream wherein marrying Opie plays a central role. While so many of the things which occurred in the dream should have made it a nightmare for a bride in the throes of wedding planning, I instead awoke feeling overjoyed.

In the dream, our ceremony was supposed to begin at 6:45 pm (very close to our actual planned time, by the by). My mom looked at her watch and said it was time, so my dad and I quickly proceeded down the aisle, despite the fact that my dad wasn't dressed in any sort of formal attire, our photographer (who was indeed Jenna in the dream) had not yet arrived, and only about 5% of our guests had arrived. As we walked far too quickly down the aisle, I just couldn't stop grinning. I practically skipped down the aisle to marry my beloved. When the ceremony ended, I really did start skipping about in a field outside our venue (which was one of the few details not true to reality, but still with a very similar vibe) just so giddy to have tied the knot.

As Jenna pulled up, I told her that she'd missed the ceremony, but that was alright. We could just pretend to do it again so she could snap some photos. She was very surprised she had missed the ceremony - she wasn't actually running late. My mother had misread her watch. We accidentally had our ceremony at 5:45 instead of 6:45, hence the lack of guests and proper attire. Instead of being upset, I thought it was rather uproariously funny, and skipped on back to Opie to tell him what had happened, still as happy as a lark.

While I doubt I would handle these snafus that gracefully on our real wedding day, I think the overall message remains the same. So long as I marry my best friend, the rest is just gravy. Don't sweat the small stuff, and it's all small stuff. And all that jazz.


Jenna said...

I was kind of sad reading the beginning of your post because I would NEVER not show up to your wedding, but then I liked the ending so I laughed :)

Connor's Mom said...

Hey-- just talked to the school and there are no issues with attendence for Connor. I'll be coming up two weeks early: should be booking my tickets some time in the next couple of weeks!

At least your dream did not have a cow in it.



Little Terr said...

This just cinches it--no timepiece for me at all the day of the wedding. Maybe I should start looking for a pretty bracelet instead of my wear-it-with-everything watch. Besides...when have you known me to be early for anything???