Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Our Woodsy Nature-y Theme

As I go along with my planning, our wedding theme (at least in my mind) becomes more and more "woodsy". I know a lot of fall weddings play on the season to a large degree, bringing in the reds, oranges, yellows, etc. of the foliage. However, this is Texas. In early October. We'll be lucky to see any brown in the leaves. Besides, green & brown happen to be my favorite colors, and I love me some leaves, pinecones, grapevine, rosemary, and so on and so forth.

I'm terrible at referencing where I steal images from, so pardon my lack of credit given here. Here are some inspiration boards I nabbed from somewhere, with the "feel" and palette I'm going for.

Yum. Nature.
I'm a li'l bit sad I don't have some adorable little boy-cousin to escort that also-adorable li'l mossy nest ring-bearer "pillow" down the aisle. Connor's wheel-chair should be motorized and switch-operated. Then he could zoom my little nest to me. Eh? Eh? No? Poop.

Also, note the following adorable woodsy bouteneires. Err. bouttenieres. Err... That word I can never spell.

Ignore ^that^ attrocious tie. Yikes. Yay, acorns. Moving on.

Cute. And lacking flowers. Yay, no-flowers. I had a lot more pictures of these kinds o' bout.s saved before I had to reformat. Oh well. You get the picture of what I'm going for, eh?

Also, talk me out of using this cake stand:


Allie said...

as I love both of your idea boards...i personally favor the second one. I feel the first one is kind of wintery. I like the second one because it feels more fresh to me. But there are certainly elements from the first board that I like. Are you still thinking about wheat?

maurylorraine said...

I agree. The 1st is certainly more wintery than I'm going for, but it has some woodsy elements I like as well. And yeah, I'm still considering wheat. Maybe blackbeard wheat. I'll admit this is largely because there are good-sized bundles of wheat for $3 at Garden Ridge, but I love the idea regardless. I'm not 100% sure what I'm doing for my bridesmaids, but still probably *something* green.

Connor's Mom said...

Have I told you how incredibly excited I am about your wedding? Huhhuhhuh?

I really like the woodsy theme. Stumbled across this website the other day-- they have some interesting pictures. I like the terrarium centerpieces-- you could totally do something like that. Pick up some containers from thrift stores and stick some moss, ferns and rocks from the creek in them.

That cake and mossy table at the bottom is pretty awesome too.

You'd have to have someone push or carry Connor down the aisle-- sorry, no automatic wheelchairs for him right now. He'd go careening off every which way and my poor heart wouldn't stand it. Hey, maybe we could train Trojan to pull his wheelchair! Because that would totally work! Right!


Connor's Mom said...

Um, yeah. So when one is posting about a website, it is helpful to include the address of said website in one's post. Just in case anyone was unclear on that.

Glad to be of service.