Sunday, November 9, 2008

Hello World!

We'll be posting wedding ideas and plans here as they arise.

-Mary & Opie


Liz said...

i love all the pics you posted, it looks like youre gonna have a very lovely wedding. being a non-traditional girl myself I love love love the wheat idea. the boutonnieres(a word you only learn to spell in floral school) you picked are all fabulous. If you ever needed any help you're always welcome to ask me. Ive done the wedding thing before obviously and I used to be a florist and wedding photographer so i have some wedding knowledge. ugh, sounds so girly "wedding knowledge." gross.
anyway-didnt know you were so into shoes, all the ones you picked are super cute! I like hte ones you picked for hte wedding, look comfy. I just wore sneakers under my dress =)

maurylorraine said...

Thank you! I love the non-flower, non-traditional (and beautiful!) aspect of the wheat, but also the fact that I can make it ahead of time and it runs about $3 a bundle at Garden Ridge. Heeellz yes. And, oh yes, shoes and I are quite buddy-buddy, although I'm typically a Payless/Target shoes sort of girl.